Two dedicated people, Ildikó Tengelits-Magda and István Tengelits hare behind the name of the „Tengelits-Porta Éke Kennel”.

We used to live in the capital city until September 2017, but even there we always had a puli. The love of animals however guided us to the countryside. Currently, we live in the village of Kál in Heves county. Our goal is the professional breeding and promotion of two well-known Hungarian breeds, PULI and KOMONDOR.

We applied for our kennel name at the end of December 2020, and it was approved in January 2021. This was the time when a concrete decision was made to seriously deal with these two very valuable and intelligent Hungarian varieties. It was also an important aspect that during this period our conditions became really optimal in terms of leisure and creating an environment suitable for raising a litter.

In the beginning, we held puli specifically for hobby purposes. Our first puli dog was registered under the name „Balatonedericsi Nesze” more than 33 years ago. Now we can only talk about it in the past tense because, as at the age of 14, he went among the angels. One of her puppies „Szundi” stayed with us, crossing the rainbow bridge in July 2008. After he left us here, „Csutak” came to us. „Csutak” is also a family member, but not a pedigree, which was not even an aspect nine years ago. He is still living with us, a healthy, happy 12 years old dog. A real family member. We owe a lot to all three pulis, we had companions, for better or worse.

We became brand addicts in the dog case. In September 2017, our family expanded with a new member „Árminházi Szeder” a white puli bitch. In December 2017 we got richer with another, but black puli bitch with „Czudarligethy Juhász Nefelejcs”. These two puli dogs, „Szeder” and „Nefelejcs” have received intensive training.

They went to dog kindergarten and dog school. „Szeder” passed the E/1 obedience exam, „Szeder” and „Nefelejcs” introduced us to the world of dog shows and dog schools. We made a lot of good friends at show events and on the days of the dog school. They have also performed well in exhibitions. „Árminházi Szeder” Show Champion title holder „Czudarligethy Nefelejcs” has won 1xHPJ and 1xCAC so far.

We really fell in love with komondors during the exhibition visits. At each event, we admired their serenity and their dignified, respectful appearance. The result of this experience is that in March 2018, the herd was expanded with another member, „Heves Portámkincse Dália”.

Dália is a beautiful komondor bitch. She also attended to dog nursery and has won 4xHPJ and 1xCAC so far.

We believe the komondor and puli are both great brands. This was known by our animal husbandry ancestors, the shepherds and the herdsmen too in the past. The komondor is a very smart dog, easy to teach, and can be trained despite misconceptions. But they were added to the flock, mainly because of their strength that was needed. On the other side, puli brought their mind and sophistication.

And who do we recommend the two varieties to? Only for people who are aware that in both puli and komondor dogs, dog fur care is very important. For dogs up to the age of 8-9 months, there is not much problem with the fur, but after that, they require constant care and grooming. This can be done by the owner of the dog, but if he is not knowledgeable, it is essential to go to a beautician who is specifically knowledgeable about these breeds.

The puli is very loyal but has a huge need for movement. We recommend it mainly for houses with gardens for outdoor and indoor use. A puli dog can only be kept in the yard under the right conditions. In this case, you need an indoor kennel, a warm dog house in winter and a shady yard. They really like hiking and running around, so it can be kept in a city apartment, but it must be provided with the right space for movement. (Keeping them in a condominium should be strongly considered because he certainly likes to hear his voice and this is rarely tolerated by neighbors.)

With the puli, you can do great agility taining and walks. Very affectionate, easy to teach. It can give a lot of love.

We recommend the komondor only in a house with a garden, typically for keeping them outdoor. It requires a lot of space, they patrol at night. Because of his huge size and weight, he needs a strict, determined, consistent owner because he is very stubborn at times, but you can talk to him with love. Neither breed is recommended for people who do not accept that all dogs have the right to adequate food and that they do not live on kitchen leftovers. We do not recommend it to anyone who does not acknowledge that all dogs have the right to health, proper medical care, and regular grooming of dog fur.

We would not recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their most loyal partner in a chain. Keeping dogs in a quality way does not start with the purchase price!